IdleStatus: Splitting Hares - KickStarter Help

I very rarely post to LJ ^_^;;
Wow, this must be the first in 2 year or so.

ANyhoo, im posting again for a good reason. Idlestatus is an online webcomic that updates weekly, but is currently working on
a 92 page graphic novel based on the webcomic. Its a pretty intense plot that ties in questions about each character and their history.
There is also some quantum sciencey fun in there too.

His campaign is almost over, just 5 days left and is 200 short of reaching its goal. If the campaign does not reach the goal then they get no support D:
So here is my asking to reblog, or spread the word anywhay you can. If you are super generous or interested though, a pledge would be just as awesome. You get rewards from spending as little as £3.
Please have a look at his Kickstarter Campaign:

Thank you so much

resin jaw tutorials & little silicone question

just wondering if there are any basic tutorials on making resin jaws?

i mean for the future id probably try to make the whole head out of resin as i am currently finding foamwork a nightmare ^^;;
but i hear the jaw movements are a lot better when using a more solid material,
If there arent any, thats alright, i will try working in foam first before experimenting with resin and such.

Also, can you use enamal paints to tint silicone? as i know that acrylics are a nono.

More Art & News

so stepping up a new style, which im hoping to continue to develop ^^
although i like my lined peices i would like to see what i can do without lines, this hopefully will help me gain more of an understanding between light and dark as the tones will create the edges itself...if that makes sense.

mmm im off to do some doodling now

also, whats this hubub with alice in wonderland?? aparently disney has stopped the Odeon from screening it? o.O
this means other cinemas will be so packed, especially on orange wednesdays :(

kobold & raven, commissioned by redburr

im back

well my apologies that i havnt posted much ^_^;;

ive had a wierd few weeks:

i got sick in hospital for one thing, then ended up staying in for an underlying health problem
i got a part time job (yey) its only temp work, so im trying my best to do well and hopefully they will hire me perminantly in the future
i got sick again (flu)
in between moving to my first home with my fiance, we havnt actually moved yet - its complicated, but a lot of it is to do with finance

so yeah, did a few commissions on furaffinity, on which i will be donating 50% of it to the site itself, as a thankyou for all the commissions i have recieved in the past ^_^
also thinking of saving up to buy a picture of a certain scene which means a lot to me, and i want to buy iy as a wedding present for my future husband. i tried drawing it myself but its not at the quality i want..and i have a few artists whom i am interested on asking for a quote. Though its unlikely i will get it, i shall have to see if i keep my job first lol

oh my internet sucks, it keeps cutting off >_<

IM here

Hiya guys

My name is Youka and I am new here.
Not much to say here as ive explained myself in my profile hehe

But I am a intermediate artist, and keen to learn more.

I have a FurAffinity account here:

I also work with my partner on creating comics and tshirts, please check out my site if you have the time

Thats all for tonight,

Il post again soon (next time with a better blog XP)
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